Catering for all levels of ability, from first-time novices all the way through to professional boxers with years of experience. Everybody is welcome through our doors to train, learn but most importantly enjoy themselves.


Club Ko has been established for over 25 years, starting out in Battersea, SouthWest London, moving to Walthamstow and now residing in Buckhurst Hill for the last 8 years.

The gym offers all the latest equipment for members of all levels to flourish and succeed in achieving exactly what they set out to do.

The classes on offer for both Adults and Children are expertly run by Noel and Keith where hard work is expected but at the same time there is a fun element that is always guaranteed, so come to the end of the session you will end up leaving feeling as you’ve been pushed to your limit but with a smile on your face.

We have a wealth of experience in the world of boxing and have produced top-level boxers who have gone on to win titles at British, European, Commonwealth and World level.

We guarantee you will always learn something new every time you walk into the gym because everybody involved is more than happy to pass on tips and share their knowledge from their own experiences they have accumulated down the years.

Ultimately we like to think we create a positive vibe and a sense of worth, basically, we are all one big family and a happy one as well.
If you don’t believe us then come and check it out for yourself.


What can we say about the owner Noel, well in a nutshell, without him there is no Club KO. His personality and positive attitude is the biggest and most important reason that everybody who walks through the door enjoys their time no matter how long they are there for.

He makes you feel welcome from the moment you first meet him and will always tell you a joke without fail, now we can’t guarantee you’ll find it funny but that won’t stop him telling you.

But don’t let the fun and joking side fool you because Noel is serious about his boxing and will push you hard to make sure you get the results you’re looking for.
He has a wealth of experience inside the ring as a boxer as well as outside as a trainer.
His padwork ability is of a very high standard and he is able to work very closely and thoroughly no matter if you are an Orthodox or South Paw stance.

One of Noel’s biggest attributes is the charity work he does throughout the year, mainly through boxing shows he puts on at various different venues for a number of worthy charities. There is always fantastic sporting memorabilia up for grabs with all proceeds going to the selected charity.


Club KO adult classes


This class consists of a combination of cardio, punch bag, and pad work. There is also the opportunity to take part in body sparring if and when you feel comfortable doing so but this is not compulsory. The class lasts for one hour and you will be worked from the very first minute to the last.

Club KO children's classes


This class is very similar to the adult class in terms of the activities the children take part in but there are also a few extra things thrown in such as teaching respect, learning life values and being on hand to lend an ear should your child need to share any troubles they may have on their mind.

Club KO 121 session


Noel and his team offer expert one to one training which will consist of a combination of cardio, punch bag, and pad work along with the use of the latest equipment. The session will be tailored specifically to you as an individual no matter what your level is so that you can reach the goals you're trying to hit.

Club KO sparring session


Noel and his team oversee head sparring sessions for those who are at a particular level and feel confident to handle the intensity involved. There are obviously levels within this level, so you will only be up against boxers of a similar ability and standard which will only change should you improve over time and they feel you’re ready to step up.







Includes 3 group classes per week





   4pm - 5pm 5pm - 6pm 6pm - 7pm 7pm - 8pm
MondayChildren Class: 5-10 years
One To One Muay Thai classes 7am - 9pm
Children Class: 11-16 yearsAdults Class: All Levels
TuesdayOne To One Classes 7am - 9pm
One To One Muay Thai classes 7am - 9pm
One To One Classes 7am - 9pmOne To One Classes 7am - 9pmOne To One Classes 7am - 9pm
WednesdayOne To One Muay Thai classes 7am - 9pmChildren Class: 11-16 yearsAdults Class: All Levels
ThursdayOne To One Classes 7am - 9pm
One To One Muay Thai classes 7am - 9pm
One To One Classes 7am - 9pmOne To One Classes 7am - 9pmOne To One Classes 7am - 9pm
FridayOne To One Muay Thai classes 7am - 9pmChildren Class: 5-10 yearsChildren Class: 11-16 yearsAdults Class: All Levels
SaturdayChildren Training & Sparring: 11am - 12pm
One To One Muay Thai classes 7am - 9pm
One To One Classes 7am - 9pmOne To One Classes 7am - 9pmOne To One Classes 7am - 9pm
Sunday8am to 1pm only8am to 1pm only8am to 1pm only8am to 1pm only
  • Please note that One To One classes is available every day during the opening hours for each day.


Paul Ellis

Personal Trainer

Noel taught me how to box properly and I loved every minute of it and still do. Lost nearly a stone boxing and training with him and he's a great guy and he will be a friend for life now!

Joe Cole

Former Chelsea & England Footballer

I love training with Noel in the gym.
Fantastic fun, great fitness, and a good family atmosphere.
Reminds me of a football dressing room.

Stewart Hyde

Graphic Designer

I met Noel at a Chelsea game and clicked straight away, he invited me down to the gym and it’s the best thing I’ve done as I needed something to replace the football when I finished playing. The atmosphere is brilliant, the training is hard but enjoyable at the same time and you always come away feeling great both physically and mentally which you can’t put a price on. I highly recommend anybody to get themselves along and I guarantee they won’t regret the decision.

Vicky Upfold

Executive Assistant to European Head of Investment Banking

I have been part of the Club KO family for over 5 years. When I first walked into the gym as a female I thought I would feel out of place, however, it was the very opposite. Everyone made me feel very at home, especially Noel who taught me how to box and got me fit, so fit I was able to run my first marathon and have my first fight in the same year. Club Ko is not just a gym it is community. I would recommend it to anyone of all levels!

Dan Gregory

Stock Exchange Operations Executive

I have been regularly attending Noels classes for over 2 years now and have seen a vast improvement in my technique and general fitness. Noel brings great energy to the classes and he is very passionate about his craft. It's also great to see the amount of community and charity work he also dedicates his time to, he's a real pillar of the community, tirelessly organising charity events and fights for all levels of competitors around London and Essex.

Dave Verner

Director of Renewable Energy Company

I first met Noel and was introduced to club KO in august last year, I had never boxed or even been in a boxing gym before and have absolutely fallen in love with boxing that’s down to Noel who I now regard as a close friend and someone who keeps me focused and extremely fit, I think it’s safe to say have got the boxing bug, thanks to everyone at club KO for helping me and making me fitter at 44 years old than I have ever been, could not recommend anyone joining the KO family enough!!🥊👍


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